Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogging As Your Work At Home Business And Global Data Entry

Many people already use blogging to supplement their income and promote their existing businesses. Blogging can also be a fun way to express yourself in a personal way, but can you really make a living solely by blogging? There are many ways to turn blogging into your primary business and "monetize" for income, so I set out to explore one of these ways in detail. Promoting products by writing articles and ad promotions about them is the type of work I looked into to use with my blog. This work at home business model has become very popular and now there are companies selling their own methods of doing this, calling it "Global Data Entry." Article writing and ad promotion are part of the Global Data Entry, work at home business and two of the most popular programs of this type are from "My Data Team" and "Web Colleagues." I ordered both systems to be able to compare them for myself and see if they met my needs. They are each priced at about fifty dollars and both offer a crash course in the basics of Internet marketing. They says you don't "need" a website to do either of these programs but I think you would be more successful if you had one. One of the free blogs available just might do the trick as an alternative but, promotional links without a personal, permanent web address, tend to get "looked down on" in the marketplace. You could promote the products you are advertising on your blog to make it more personal for your readers and customers, which would increase commissions; as opposed to just advertising links without a "home" connected to a real person. But you must also advertise your blog at the same time that you promote your programs, all over the Internet. I also found that the time frames mentioned in both programs for success was too short, both for the daily time frames and how quickly you could profit. Each step took me much longer than they suggested it would, and I'm not new to the Internet. Here are the main points of each program: My Data Entry - ¨ Traditional data entry jobs like virtual secretary, etc. with training and some article marketing tips ¨ Marketing products through ads & links on the Internet, with many posting sources for advertising in many places ¨ Helpful link submission and ad submission software ¨ Nice bonuses included for additional income Web Colleagues - ¨ If you don't like making 3 paragraph articles, this program might scare you at first, but it offers a lot creative writing instructions for anyone to be able to do this. ¨ Helpful article creation software for research and making quick articles ¨ Large bank of companies specifically for article marketing since this is the main focus of their program ¨ Nice bonuses included for additional income Both programs are detailed and required a solid week of registration and training each. They were tedious for me to set up since there are so many advertising and submission sources to register with, especially with My Data Team. And I am using every source as they outlined to fully test the programs. There are also several areas that overlap information in each program, like submitting to this article bank. I do suspect many people don't persist and do each step in its entirety, since it becomes tiresome to set-up. These are real online jobs and they require real preparation and real work on the computer keyboard. Overall, I personally found Web Colleagues to be more current with Internet trends, as things seem to be shifting yet again. I enjoy writing articles much more than writing short line ads to post everywhere. This would also explain why Web Colleagues has become much more effective for me, especially to integrate with my blog. Writing articles to post with the submission software, and manually, is less work for me than posting ads individually; since there are so many places to post to. Since I found My Data Team to be more laborious work for me, I'm going to continue to pursue the Web Colleagues program, in conjunction with my blog, for making an income online. Blogging for profits fits better with this type of program and I find it successful. If you would like to look into blogging for profits, see my personal blog, Above The Curve work at home blog, for ideas

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