Monday, April 7, 2008

Internet Business Opportunity: 3 deadliest mistakes to avoid when evaluating an internet business opportunity

Online opportunities are like a dime a dozen. There are tons of them. How do you know which one’s are good or which one’s are bad? Believe it or not this task is not difficult. If you know what to look for, you can avoid choosing the wrong opportunity. Many online marketers make simple mistakes that causes them to hop from opportunity to opportunity and eventually giving up without much success. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid in order to analyze an internet business opportunity effectively. Not researching demandNot researching demand effectively can be a deadly mistake. The reason being is without knowing if there is demand for an opportunity how do know you can make money with the venture. My point exactly, you don’t know if there’s opportunity, so you’re shooting in the dark, when you market and you waste money and valuable time. In order to avoid this mistake we must research our target market before we embark on any internet business opportunity. We are looking to see if there is demand for the service or product, or whatever online business you are considering. We do key research by using a keyword tools for example, and in order to see how many searches are being done on the venture. What you are looking for is how many searches there are for that keyword. You want enough searches to get results, at a few thousand or more. You want enough traffic that can give you a consistent income, but not give you a lot of competition. Next go on google with those keywords to see how much competition there is. If they’re less then 200,000 sites competing then you may have found a good opportunity.Once you determine there is demand. Then, you are much closer to making a decision. For example: the work at home field is huge. If you have a universal product then demand for that internet business opportunity will be all around you. Every one is a potential customer and entrepreneur. Not getting enough trafficMost people don’t have a plan of how they area going to get traffic to an internet business opportunity they are considering. A business can’t survive online without sending traffic to it. There are so many ways to do this. You must think outside the box to get results. Let me give you some ideas, you can use blogs, paste your link in them, to get back links to your site. You can pursue pay-per-click, however, this take intense keyword research. Read articles and blogs about how to do PPC. Post on forums on the internet business opportunity. And I mean post a lot. There are also free classified sites like craigslist back page. We can go on and on, email marketing, youtube, viral marketing, pay for leads, national newspapers, PR, social bookmarking, and squidoo. This should be more then enough to get you thinking. With a lot of hard work, consistency, and dermination you can get tons of traffic to your internet business opportunity. But, you must plan in advance, how you are going to do first. What days of the week you do what and for how long. Not making enough IncomeYou want to make as much money as possible with any internet business opportunity you research. So no matter how much you make for whatever income producer you pursue. You still have to put in the same effort to get traffic. You might as well get paid well for it. I suggest looking to make at least $50 a sale.The internet is not going away. You will be wise to get in start a profitable internet business to serve and make your life better. If you have a universal product you don’t need to worry about how much competition that internet business opportunity. You want as much searches there is on it.

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